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Saints FC


Team Mission

The Saints S.C is founded and solely operated by the TNCOC nonprofit organization. The mission of the team is to support the young men soccer talent of the community. Providing them with the necessary innovation and excellence are the quintessential values of what The Saints SC stands for. Our mission is to commit to building stronger communities through the use of our platform as a base for young aspiring soccer athletes. We want to evoke passion in our players to grow their talent. Commitment, integrity, and teamwork are the three core values that will lead us there. Our ultimate goal as a club is not only to inspire and empower those who thought their soccer dreams are not a possibility, but also build a foundation for a better level of soccer within our community and communities around us that share the same goal. We hope that the individuals who participate and get to be a part of this team will inspire others to do the same.

Target Talent

The team’s major target age group are as follows:

  • Youth Soccer Programs

  • Soccer college players

  • Community soccer teams ages 16+

Goals and Objectives

Short Term

  • Our current short-term goal is to be admitted to UPSL and play in the championship league. 


Long Term

  • Our long-term goal is continue playing and eventually move up and become a Pro Premier Division UPSL Tier 1 team using the community talent


Pricing will be determined based on the level of demand. We will monitor demand keep track of amount of people coming to watch games, buying memorabilia, and tracking online analytics. We will also initiate a fund raising program to help establish a team budget. 

Team President

Ehab Isaac

General Manager/ Director of Coaches

Baher Salib 

Risk management Manager

Emad Ragheb

Team Coordinators

Nader Ghaly & Marina Ishak

For more information please contact 

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