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Resume/Government Paperwork Review

This service will focus on helping to create and proofread resumes as well as any official government paperwork to assist anyone seeking employment, or any form of government assistance such as TennCare, SNAP benefits, Unemployment, Health Insurance, or Immigration Paperwork. This service is mainly to translate and interpret and not meant to give any legal advice or tell the person what to do.

Food Bank

We will focus on assisting families with their food needs by advising them on how to locate local food bank drives.

Housing Search

This service is specifically for people who are moving to Tennessee from out of state or from another country. This service will consist of the person wishing to move here reaching out to a New Immigrant TNCOC Team member so that we can assist by helping locate a home for the person moving that fits their needs.

English Translators

In this service, we will assist with English translation needs. This includes help communicate and translate to those who do not speak or understand. This can be over the phone, or in-person depending on the availability and comfort level of the person receiving assistance.

Job Search Assistance

We will go hand in hand with the resume help service in this service. This will include locating a stable job for the person seeking employment and sharing employment seeking resources and helping with the applications as needed.


This service will be offered as requested and as the Team Members are able to provide it. This can include driving someone to church, the hospital, or a job interview for example. This is not to be used for anything that is not of professional importance.

For help with any of the services listed above please reach out to us via social media or this email:

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